Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Thoovanathumbikal Malayalam Film Review

A film which prompts you to look at emotions of love and lust,about the difference between these two,about lust which turns to love.Through this brilliant film Padmarajan is asking these questions and forces viewers to have their own interpretation.

Jayakrishnan after spurned by Radha meets clara, a prostitute.They meet several times and there is ample indication that Padmarajan intend to show this relationship as pure love with the symbolism of rain which occurs when they meet.But unlike Jayakrishnan, the strong willed Clara knows that she has to move away from Jayakrishnan's life.When she comes to know that Radha loves him,she informs Jayakrishnan that she is leaving that place and he should love Radha and not think about her.Jayakrishnan and Radha decides to get married.But in an interesting turn of events Clara informs that she is arriving at Jayakrishnan's place.Jayakrishnan meets Clara at railway station where a surprise awaits him.

This film is  undoubtedly a character study of relationship between Jayakrishnan and Clara.Even though it was lust which forced Jayakrishnan to meet Clara,later we see that it turns into love.Padmarajan through this unconventional relationship is questioning the holier thou morality of middle class society and proves that pure love holds no boundaries.Clara though in love with Jayakrishnan,is not emotional and look at life pragmatically which involves making Jayakrishnan to get over his love for her which again indicates sacrifice, true sign of love.

Special mention has to be made to excellent background score by Johnson.Music plays an important role in enhancing the scenes where Clara and Jayakrishnan meet to a level of highest artistic excellence.Mohanlal,Sumalatha and Parvathy play their roles to perfection.Jagathy's brief role also is one that should be be commendable.


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