Friday, 11 March 2011

Sakudumbam Shyamala Malayalam Film Review

Urvasi who excels in playing eccentric woman characters with an element of humor,plays the role of Shyamala,a homemaker.Her brother Shekharan who is a high ranking government official is at loggerheads with her,since she married against his wish.The movie looks at this skirmish with elements of humor where her husband and son stand as innocent bystanders.The only goal of Shyamala is to become more famous than her brother who always make fun of her husband who works with him.By turn of fate she gets an oppurtunity to enter an election which opens floodgates for her to execute her revenge.The movie looks at the aftermath of this in a humorous way.

As a director,Radhakrishnan Mangalath for most of the part gets it right.One of the well directed scenes is the one when Shekharan announces election results and the subsequent reactions.Coming to acting front,there is no denying that Urvasi is apt for this role and she is convincing in it,but there are instances where her acting get into that over acting stage.Sai Kumar who is usually seen in blood thirsty villain roles,for a change plays the kind,understanding husband and pulls it of well.Nedumudi Venu,Kunjacko do justice to their roles.Suraj is outstanding as the wily,slimy politition.He enlivens the movie with his energetic performance.Jagadish with his baffoonery act was irritating.It seems like Malayalam film makers cannot do without some slapping scenes in movies to generate laughs and here Jagadish is at receiving end.This really puts a dampener on an otherwise  engaging and funny movie.


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