Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Kutty Srank Malayalam Film Review

Kutty Srank is the story of a man who becomes part of life of 3 women from different backgrounds..The film looks at life of Kutty Srank through the eyes of these three women who narrate their association with him

For Revamma kutty Srank appears as loyal servant to her cruel,suppressive feudal landlord father.She adopts Buddhism and rebels against her father.Kutty Srank helps her in her  endeavour and helps her to escape.This segment was weak and poorly executed.This whole clash between father and daughter looked theatrical and over the top.Padmapriya also couldn't give a natural performance,rather her performance looked forced and stereotypical art film acting.

I had almost given up the movie and started thinking what is so great about this movie when fortunately second segement started.This story is told through eyes of Pemanna.Here Kutty Srank is in a village populated by Christians,where god fearing people are put into submission by the wily village priest.But there is common passion among villagers for drama spearheaded by Loni who wants Kutty Srank to play the pivotal character in drama.As such there is a villain lurking behind who with the help of priest,want to eliminate Kutty Srank and also want to marry Loni's sister,Pemanna.This segment is well executed.The acting here is of top class with Siddique,Suresh krishna,Kamalini in top form.Unlike the first segment the characters here look natural and credit should be given to Shaji for recreating that time period with authenticity.The way the priest connive with rich and try to manipulate simple folk using his power as messanger of God is well brought out.

The third story is told through the eyes of Kali.Here the film again goes downhill.Just like the first segment it is more into theatrical mood where you have a truck load of villains,a superstitious land lord,human sacrifice etc.To add to confusion you have a writer who is writing the story of Kali.As if splattering of blood in the movie is not enough,the film again ends with a couple of deaths.

I have to say I am disappointed with this movie.As such non linear narration is not such a novel thing,still all the stories had potential,but director forgets to execute it with subtlety.There are moments of brilliance like the second segment.The segment where three women tell these stories is also well executed.Mammootty is perfectly cast as Kutty Srank and he is able to do justice to different characters by adopting the mannerisms unique to each character effortlessly.This is a film which should have been told in a simple,straight forward way and it would have worked.But unfortunately by taking that art house approach it neither appeals to intelligentsia nor to common man.



  1. Yes, it does not deserve more than 'below average', even average is an extravaganza. But was it not given the best Malayalam film award for 2010. I read somewhere.

    Actually there is nothing to be proud about the Malaylam film industry in general.

  2. It won national award for best film,which is very much puzzling for me..May be the competition was that poor..

  3. ........Shaji n Karun is a brand name in no wonder.......all branded item may not have the same quality as that of earlier items......

    ........first part of the film as a whole could have avoided.....