Sunday, 27 March 2011

Pranchiyettan and the Saint Malayalam Film Review

Francis is a  businessman who in spite of finding success in business, is not happy with life since he is made fun of by people due to his lack of formal education. He also has a bete noire in the form of Jose who not only snatches his childhood love away from him but also defeats him in club election due to his better educational background.A freak incident at an awards ceremony prompts Francis to acquire status in the society by any crooked means.The film looks at this attempt by Francis and also at Francis's attempt at romance,his interaction with his favorite saint, a child prodigy with attitude problems,all with elements of humor embedded in them.

I would have termed this film a brilliant attempt,if not for some scenes which did not pan out well.The saint angle was really thought out and brilliantly executed,even though the actor who played saint seems lacking on the acting front in some scenes The film's satire works perfectly in Francis's attempt for that coveted honor. Ranjith as a director shines here  and the manipulations that go on behind the so called esteemed awards is brilliantly captured.My favorite scene here is the padding up of  Francis's resume  with secular credentials and the reactions to it from his associates. As long as the film concentrated on that aspect it worked well,but unfortunately the film starts going downhill when the romance angle was introduced.It just didn't fit with the flow of the movie.The child prodigy angle even though done with good intention did not pass muster,because the boy who played that role was annoying and the incidents to prove his genius looked juvenile and childish.There was no need for that child prodigy angle,rather on an emotional level it would have worked if that kid was just a normal one.

On acting front of course Mammootty  runs away with all the honours.He is in his element as the much maligned Pranchi. Innocent,Siddique,Priyamani all do justice to their roles.

My rating : GOOD     

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