Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Kariyilakattu Pole Malayalam Film Review

Eventhough most people dismiss a murder mystery quite easily terming it as frivolous and below their standard,truth is it is one of the most difficult genres to attempt in films.Not only the suspense has to to be well maintained,also film has to make sense logically.But this is not a run of the mill whodunit since it being directed by Padmarajan whose films have characters with depth than stock ones which one can find in other commercial potboilers.

A successful but eccentric film director,Harikrishnan is murdered and investigation is done by inspector Achuthankutty to unravel the murderer.Since the director was generally considered a womanizer and famous for his volatile temperament he had no dearth of enemies.As Achuthankutty investigates further he understands that the reason for this murder lies in the past of Harikrishnan.He came to understand the real person behind Harikrishnan which was different from his public persona.He finds that jealousy seems to be the emotion behind this murder and this leads to a surprising conclusion.

Mammooty plays the role of volatile and eccentric character of Harikrishnan with shades of gray convincingly.Mohanlal and Rehman do justice to their roles.Johnson's background score is excellent and in tune with the theme of the movie.

My Rating : GOOD

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  1. I used to watch it regularly when I was a kid. Really enjoyed it back then. But I havent watched it in ages. I still remember that bed in Mamooty's room. It looked pretty sinister.