Monday, 7 March 2011

Ividam Swargamanu Malayalam Film Review

A land dealer Chandy wants to buy a farm from a farmer Mathews.For Chandy the objective is to sell this land at a good profit to a businessman.But Mathews who made a lot of sacrifices to build up this farm is not willing to sell it.Then a cat and mouse game starts whereby Chandy with his influence start slapping cases against Mathews and his farm.He also gives false hopes of a model township to local people,who also turn against Mathews.But Mathews with the help of Advocate Sunita and Advocate Prabalan turn tables on Chandy with an ingenious scheme of hoodwinking Chandy himself.

Director Roshan is successful in telling this story with elements of humor convincingly.But the starting portions drag a bit and little bit of editing was necessary at that point.The character of Jagathy was an interesting one and Jagathy has done justice to that character.A minor disappointment was Lalu Alex who for most of the part was convincing as Chandy,but in some scenes failed to make the desired impact.


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