Friday, 4 March 2011

Pathinonnil Vyazham Malayalam Film Review

This film talks about a superstitious millionaire who marries off his daughter to a fraudster to ward off a danger predicted in her horoscope and how his plan backfires in a humorous way.Appu is a good for nothing youth,who is looking for that big break in life when he comes in touch with a gullible millionaire,Chandran Pillai whom he was able to hoodwink and get a job as a driver.When he was forced to marry millionaire's daughter,he put in a condition to tranfer all wealth of Chandran Pillai to himself and this situation triggers a series of humorous situations.

CI Paul excels as superstitious millianaire.Mukesh and Jagathy do their jobs well.Manya overacts and was just about adequate.Director Suresh Krishna was able to maintain the humour well and keep the viewer interested.Inspite of usual plotline used for comedy films of this sort,credit has to be given especially to Mukesh,Jagathy and CI Paul for their fine performances which rise above an average script.


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