Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Shikkar Malayalam Film Review

This film tells the story of a truck driver haunted by his past,one who tries to escape from the aftermath of a deed which circumstances forced him to do.Balaraman is a lorry driver involved in transportation of bamboo.He is local hero who has no fear to take on local gangster who try to exploit poor bamboo workers.But he is shaken when an old friend of him visits him.Why Balaraman is frightened of his past,from what he is trying to escape,this suspense element take the movie forward.

Mohanlal as tough as nails truck driver impresses,he is also at ease playing the insecure father haunted by his past.Direction by Padmakumar is impressive and he is able to maintain suspense to some extend.But the back story seems to be forced when suspense unravels.Director's attempt to put red herrings to way lay audience succeeds but seemed to give an impression that it was created just to make an effect,rather than well thought out.Jagathy impresses as a good for nothing alcoholic.Rest of the cast Suraj,Lalu Alex is adequate.

My rating : AVERAGE

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