Friday, 18 March 2011

Oru Naal Varum Malayalam Film Review

This film is about a corrupt building inspector and the effort of a vigilance officer to catch him in the act.Gopikrishnan is a building inspector with government who is in cohoorts with polititians and senior government officials in running a big corruption racket.But a vigilance squad is formed to catch the people involved in this.Meanwhile Gopikrishnan comes across Sukumaran who pesters him to give a building permit for which he is willing to pay bribe.Whether Gopikrishnan accepts bribe and allow Sukumaran to build his dream house,whether the vigilance squad will be able to bring out  Gopi Krishnan's corruption,these things are explored in this film with elements of humor.

The filmmaker seem to be confused whether to place it as a comedy movie or a serious drama and the film lands in a neither zone.In all aspects the film is a complete failure.Mohan lal is of course a great actor with great comic timing,but  his antics here fall flat.The parallel story of Sukumaran's marital problems is not convincing and drags the film to boredom.The court scenes look dramatical and do not make any impact.In the comedy aspect also film fails spectacularly  with none of the scenes registering any hearty laugh.Only saving grace is Suraj who is able to bring a smile with his portrayal of wily driver who wants his share from the loot Gopikrishnan is involved in.Venu is also impressive in a brief role.Sreenivasan is just about  adequate.Special mention on the performance of Kottayam Nasir who impressed.

My rating : POOR

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