Thursday, 24 February 2011

Udaan Hindi Film Review

A strict father who believes that excellance can be bred only by being tough on his children.A father who take out his frustration by beating his children.Udaan looks at this father and his relationship with his two kids.Teenager Rohan is expelled from school.His strict and abusive father is disappointed with it and wants him to pursue engineering where as he wants to be a writer.He rebels against his father and this forms the crux of the movie.An younger brother is caught between this fight and this film chronicles the lives of these three in the steel city of Jamshedpur.

Director Motvane shines,but some scenes are not directed well.One scene that comes to my mind is the ragging scene of Rohan at bar.Then again there are some great moments like the scene of departure of Rohan from school.The scene where two brothers walk away hand in hand is a also a great one.In both these scenes Amit Trivedi's music also enhances the impact.In acting front Ronit Roy and  Rajet Barmecha are adequate.But acting honours go to Aayan Barodia as Arjun.Manjot Singh also impresses as Rohan's friend.


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