Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Phas Gaya Re Obama Hindi Film Review

An NRI who becomes bankrupt due to recession wants to sell his family property in India to tide over his economic difficulties.Little did he realize that his state is held to ransom by gangs specializing in kidnappings.As soon as he lands in India,he is kidnapped for ransom.When local gangsters come to know about his bankruptcy,they hatch a plan with the idea given by NRI himself.The film looks at how they execute the plan. This film works wonderfully as a satire on the "kidnapping industry" in which police and even minister is involved.

Direction,screenplay by Subhash Kapoor  is top class.Rajat Kapoor,Manu Rishi,Sanjay Mishra play their parts well.Neha dupia is not much impressive.Amol Gupta shines in parts.

My rating: GOOD

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