Sunday, 20 February 2011

Neelathamara Malayalam Film review

Nellathamara is set in two periods in 70's and in present time.It is the story of Kuttimalu who falls in love with Haridas,son of her mistress.It speaks about betrayal of Kuttimalu by Haridas,about Rathnam who marries Haridas and then movie shifts to present times.Haridas is no more and Kuttimalu and Rathnam meet again.Their reminiscences about Haridas takes the movie forward.
The script of the movie is by legendary writer MT Vasudevan Nair and that quality is visible in the screenplay and dialogues.Lal Jose is in top form as director.He succeeds in recreating 70's successfully.Archana Kavi enacts the role of Kuttimalu to perfection.Rima Kallingal is adequate in a supporting role.Samrutha Sunil again proves that she is such a natural performer.Special mention has to be made to actress who played mistress of the house.
 Music of the movie is just about average,but background music is excellent.Soulful Yesudas song "Zid Na Karo" brings back 70's perfectly.

My rating: EXCELLENT

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