Saturday, 26 February 2011

Loudspeaker Malayalam Film review

Mike is a simpleton from a remote village,who is in town for donating his kidney to an ailing rich man Anand Menon.Mike always talk in his loud booming voice which irritates people,but he is good at heart and is willing to help anyone.He stays with Anand Menon in his flat.Anand who was initially skeptical about him later find out the goodness in him.

Mammoty is perfectly cast as Mike.He is able to convey the expressions of a village simpleton to perfection.The weak point in the movie is the back story of Anand,which is not convincing one.Initially we are intrigued what might be the reason Anand is alone and estranged from his relatives and director also through some images keeps you in anticipation,but when it comes to the reason,it do not pass muster.The brat kids scenes are also not done well and fails in projecting the intended humour.All the actors from Sasikumar,Cochin Haneefa,Salimkumar,Jagathi to Janardhanan do justice to their roles.In spite of such a heart warming theme and good execution,film fails to touch a cord with me.May be it is the snail like pace of the movie.


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