Sunday, 20 February 2011

Mummy and me Malayalam film Review

Mummy and me points a mirror to contemporary life of a middle class Malayalee family.The film deals with clash between a mother and teenage daughter about how they deal with their lives.Mother is possessive about her daughter and wants to have a say in each and every small thing she does and daughter as is the case of teenager rebels against it.This clash forms the crux of the movie and father is caught in between this fight and there is a mischievous brother who adds fuel to fire.

Director Jithu Joseph succeeds in telling this story with elements of humour convincingly.Mukesh is his usual self in the role of hapless father.Archana Kavi is passable in the role of teenager.In some of her scenes she overacts a bit but overall she is adequate as the troubled teenager.Urvasi is the star attraction of this movie,she is at her absolute best as the possessive mum.Kunjacko,Lalu Alex,Syari,Sudhish all do their respective parts well.

My rating: GOOD

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