Saturday, 26 February 2011

Delhi-6 Hindi Film Review

An NRI along with his grandmother returns to Delhi.Director tells this story through the eyes of an NRI about middle class Old Delhi.Here he gets to meet number of characters which include two feuding brothers,an aspiring middle class girl,lower caste trash collector girl,a money lender,an young photographer,a corrupt cop.How their lives intersect in this middle class Delhi is told through the  eyes of NRI.The film looks at how religious divisions appear among them due to report of appearance of Kala Bandar(a black monkey) which attacks people and steals various articles.

Director is successful  in recreating middle class Old Delhi neighbourhood.The superb set of character actors give authenticity to it.I would have loved the movie if director concentrated more in their lives and made it as a slice of life of old Delhi.Instead he goes after the oft repeated Hindu Muslim tension.The scenes involving Kala Bandar is picturised well with its humour elements working fine.But Kala Bander as a metaphor,as well as a mad man holding a mirror do not work,but only acts  to prove an over the top,silly intellectual exercise to confuse an average film viewer.There is no need for this type of gimmick in a commercial movie. Abhishek Bachan is a disappointment in the role of NRI.Sonam Kapoor also proves that she has miles to go before she learns anything about acting.All the characters expect Atul Kulkarni is in fine form.Atul is not convincing.

My rating: POOR

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