Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bhramaram Malayalam Film Review

Unni along with wife and daughter has a comfortable life till a stranger arrives at their doorstep.Stranger informs Unni that he was a childhood friend of him,but Unni struggles to recollect this.Reluctantly he takes him in and later he founds that this stranger happens to be someone he wronged in his childhood.By that time it was late since the stranger forces Unni to travel with him to his place.The film chronicles this jouney where a close friend of Unni also joins them.

Mohanlal plays the role of stranger whose mannerisms fluctuate between that of a sane and insane person to perfection.Suresh Menon and Murali Gopy who play the roles of Unni and his friend is adequate.

Blessy as a director shines in parts,but is guilty of allowing too much melodrama towards the end.Eventhough touted as a suspense thriller,viewers can easily guess what lies ahead.The character of Murali Gopy should have been explored further.

My rating: AVERAGE
Review in Malayalam

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