Sunday, 20 February 2011

Kadha Thudarannu Malayalam Film review

Kadha Thudarunnu is the story of the struggles of a  single mother to survive in a world divided by religion.It also tells that there are kinder souls out there.Vidya a hindu marries,Shanawaz a muslim against opposition from their parents.Eventhough there is no support from their respective families,they decide to face life with courage.They are happy in their little world with their daughter,until fate plays a cruel game where Shanawaz is killed.After Shanawaz's death how Vidya copes up with life and struggle to give a comfortable life to her daughter forms the crux of the movie.

Jayaram plays the role of good samaritan autorikshaw driver and he does justice to his role.Eventhough film starts on a promising note after a while film drags and is not convincing as it progresses.Sathyan Anthikad as a director is in fine form here but same cannot be said about the screenplay.Innocent,KPAC Lalitha do their supporting parts well.Sathyan regular Mamukoya is in only one scene,but proves that he is such a natural performer.

My rating: AVERAGE

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