Monday, 28 February 2011

T. D. Dasan Std VI B Malayalam Film Review

A filmmaker,Nandakumar in Bangalore receives a letter addressed to Damodaran from a 11 year old boy from a remote village in Kerala.On enquiry Nandakumar finds that Damodaran was driver of the previous tenant of the house where he is staying now.Damodaran happens to be father of this boy who left him years ago when he was a small child.This letter is read by Nandakumar's daughter Ammu,who starts corresponding with the boy posing as Damodaran.The film chronicles this correspondence between two children and consequences of this due to this.

Director is able to capture the fatherless boy's life in a poor family well.Shweta Menon shines as the fiery single mother who has to ward off gossips about her as well as advances from well wishers.Biju Menon as Nandakumar and Tina rose as Ammu give great performance.Direction is top class with life in a remote village captured with realism.It is a heart warming film with its share of tender moments which capture the innocence of children.

My rating : GOOD

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