Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Utharam Malayalam Film Review

Utharam is one of the finest movies in malayalam in mystery genre.It is not a plain vanilla whodunit mystery with tons of suspects,but a well crafted whydunit which looks at the psychological aspect of the victim in her death.

Selina is a 27 year old talented poetess who is destined for greater glory when she suddenly commits suicide.Her supportive and loving husband is shattered.He is mystified that why she committed suicide since she had a stable life and as far as he can see he loved her and not cheated her on any way.To get at the bottom of this mystery he enlists the help of his best friend Balu who is a journalist.The film focuses on this investigation by Balu where he meets various people associated with past life of Selina which opens a can of worms.Balu came to realize that Selina had a painful past which she concealed from her husband.He had to look into Selina's school life,her childhood friends and acquaintances to unravel the real persona of Selina.These facts lead to a surprising conclusion where Balu eventually gets the answer to his quest .

Mammootty as the journalist,Sukumaran as the husband and Parvathy as childhood friend of Selina give impressive performances.Unlike other films of this genre,there is no overt heroism,rather the investigation is steeped in realism.The way journalist tries to acquire facts is depicted realistically. Pavithran as a director is in fine form and the screenplay is taut and the suspense is well maintained.Johnson's background score suits the tone of the film.

My Rating : GOOD


  1. Suparna Anand looked sensational but somebody else dubbed her voice and it sort of takes away the impact her character should have had. A more accomplished actress (there were so many back in the 80s) would have elevated the film to a different level. Though i found Suparna to be very interesting. But I didnt think her character was that well etched.

    But I hated the ending. It had too may coincidences. And why did they have to make it a happy one?

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  4. It's a very different movie! Not recommended for children, because it has a very disturbing climax. Very intriguing & gripping investigation thriller. It's a gem in the mallu industry for sure.
    It has a liking towards Deshadankilli karayarilla... Bit this movie is completely different. Worth watching!