Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Again Kasargod Khader Bhai Malayalam Film Review

To celebrate sixtieth birthday of Fr.Tharakkandam,former artist Unni and his friends arrive at kaladarshana.They agree to do a programme at Viyyoor jail for jail inmates where their old enemy Kasim Bhai is lodged.Unfortunately for these artists Kasim Bhai is murdered and they become prime suspects.The film concentrates on this murder investigation with elements of humor.

This film is one example of a film where comedy is created just for the sake of it.Even though this film boasts of a huge cast of talented comic artists like Jagadish,Salim Kumar,Suraj,Innocent,none of them is impressive and film just drags and the murder investigation led by a police officer(a wooden,pathetic actor) seems juvenile and irritating.Even the reliable Suraj falling flat with his imitation of popular actors.Only one scene where he is impressive is the one where he imitates superstars singing film songs with him getting their mannerisms right.The new mimicry artists are also not impressive and not able to generate any impact.To add to the misery of audience,not only one has to endure low standard slapstick comedy,but also there is vulgar comedy for the sake of it.Thulasidas thoroughly disappoints as a director.This film seems to be made just to encash on the original movie which was a moderate success at the time of release.

My Rating : POOR

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