Monday, 11 April 2011

Mukham Malayalam Film Review

When three women are killed,a  police squad led by Assistant commissioner of police is formed to investigate the murders.He finds that all women die due to a single gunshot fired by an expert sniper.The film looks at the investigation by this police officer and his efforts to catch the cold blooded killer.

This film starts off well with an excellent  film title music by Johnson.The initial scenes and investigation put you in anticipation of a taut,psychological thriller since killer targets only married women.But as film progresses the initial impact wears of .Even though there is a justification on the part of killer for these murders,director fails to keep this interesting enough to keep the viewers on the edge of the seat.There is enough red herrings to throw viewers off the track,but an astute viewer can easily guess the outcome.Even then also it doesn't matter if only the confrontation between pursuer and pursued were more interestingly picturized. In spite of the flaws Mohan has to be applauded for attempting a  different type of film which is quite unusual in Malayalam films.

Among the actors Mohanlal,Nasser,Ranjini give good performances.Mala Aravindan and Innocent with his Thrissur slang leave impact with their impeccable comic acts in their brief roles.

My Rating : AVERAGE

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  1. i remember watching bits of this when I was a child. But I never saw the whole thing. I remember thinking it was quite different even back then.