Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Detective Malayalam Film review

Detective is a well crafted mystery/investigative thriller. Reshmi,wife of an young,upcoming politician is murdered by administration of rat poison.Initial investigation by police  assumed it was a suicide,but political pressure forces investigation to be handed over to Shyamaprasad, a high ranking police official who also happens to be half brother of Mohan,who reaches the conclusion that it was a murder. The film focuses on the investigation by Shyamaprasad and eventual capture of a wily and cunning killer.

Director Jithu Joseph has succeeded in making an edge of the seat thriller.Unlike other films of this genre,there is not a wide pool of suspects and the usual shock value when finally the killer is revealed,still film is entertaining for the fact that how Shyamaprasad tracks down the killer.The investigation seems realistic.The film fortunately concentrates mainly on this aspect rather than the side story of the two brothers which would have been a distraction. Even though this film also has its share of bombastic English dialogues for which Gopi is famous(infamous), fortunately it is toned down and do not get on the nerves unlike his other films  There are minor irritations like showing of heroism of Suresh Gopi in the form of slow motion walk and unnecessary fight scene. On the mystery aspect it is not on par with the iconic CBI series, still Jithu Joseph has to be applauded for keeping a fair pace and able to keep audience hooked to the proceedings.

On the acting front Suresh Gopi is in his elements as the stylish Shyamaprasad and the ideal,honest but hapless half brother.He does justice to both the roles.Jagathy is wasted in a small role, which even though intended for comic relief has failed in its objective. Rest of the actors are all adequate in their roles.Background music is apt and is in tune with this genre type film.

My Rating : GOOD

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