Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I Am Hindi Film Music Review

Some of my favorite songs happen to be from films directed by Onir like My brother Nikhil and Bas Ek Pal. He seems to be  a director who works with multiple music directors and has the ability to extract best from them and package them as a cohesive album. That is why when I came to know that the film 'I am' is directed by Onir,I expected it to have an excellent soundtrack and I was not disappointed.

Baangur-Amit Trivedi-The song starts on a rustic note,has the stamp of Amit Trivedi to it.Interesting part is where guitar part comes in, a fine example of fusion where east and west meets with fine performance by both the singers.

Issi Baat Pe,Issi Baat Pe(Remix)-A fine melodious song by the soulful voice of KK.Interestingly I found remixed version better than original one.The remix part really take off at the part "bhoj banke" where the beats in the background clearly gives a push to increase the loveliness of the song and then the fast paced keyboard playing in the mid part of the song is great.

Ankhen-Vivek Philip-The moment you hear it,you know that it is by Vivek Philip.This is an example of a song if you just listen once,there is a chance that you may not get the subtleties hidden in this song and you may discard it.If that is the case then you are making a mistake.You need to listen to this multiple times and then surely it will grow on you.Interesting part for me in this was the part "kithne afsane" with its background music and a soulful chorus at that point and the change in tune at the "karthi hai tumse" when singer goes in high pitch.

Saye Saye-Amit Trivedi-It is always pleasure to listen to Rekha Bharadwaj.When Rekha's haunting vocals welcome you, you know that you are in for a treat.You are not disappointed and get to listen to a song where right fusion of electronic music,classical music and bit of eastern music.

Wundoo Yeredoo-Rajiv Bhalla-An excellent dance track.It has Kannada lyrics and it expertly blend in the song and gives that danceability quotient.This song is quite infectious and melodious.Interesting part for me in the song is the guitar part(or is it some other instrument) around mid part after "Guddiye Guddiye",really melodious.

Bojhal Se,Bojhal Se(Remix)- Clearly a song which can be credited to KK's singing prowess.Loved original as well as Remix.Loved the abrupt change from slow paced to a fast paced one with a with the fierce female vocal in the Remix version.

Overall I will say this is a great collection of songs which can be listened in a loop which are melodious,soul stirring,infectious.


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