Sunday, 1 May 2011

Yakshi Malayattoor Ramakrishnan Malayalam Novel

Srinivasan is a handsome college lecturer. He gets accolades for his dedication towards his job, has a beautiful girlfriend until his life turns upside down due to an accident at college lab.He is disfigured due to this.He starts losing everything dear in his life due to this.His girlfriend starts ignoring him,he is not able to concentrate on his teaching.Then he meets a beautiful woman who accepts him in spite of his handicap.But soon he becomes doubtful regarding the intention of this woman and he starts doubting whether this woman is in fact human as she proclaims to be or a vampire in human form.

An excellent novel which explores human mind which can take unexpected turns,which has the ability for conflicting emotions,which fails to recognise love and embraces hate.The novel explores the sane and insane world through the mind of Srinivasan who lives in a world where reality is very much distorted according to him.He cries for help and points out the injustice done to him,but the world see it in a different way.As alleged by Srinivasan is the whole world conspiring against him,is he being misjudged or being disfigured in the accident impaired his rational mind,the answers to these questions are explored in this novel in a language which not only keeps the reader in an element of suspense but also forces him to think where exactly the real,sane,rational world ends and unreal,insane,irrational world takes over.

Malayattoor's simple but elegant language keeps the novel to be read at a fair pace and the suspense element in the novel is the icing on the cake.Even though Novel's emphasis is on the character Srinivasan(the story is told through his viewpoint), the other characters stand on their own and play their part and by the end we get to know what transpired in the mind of Srinivasan.

My Rating : Excellent


  1. sir, its an excellent work......

  2. hey can you plz let me know from were will i get the translated english version of yakshi

  3. also see sethumadhavans yakshi film starring sathyan and sharada...shalini usha nairs film akam starring fahad fazil and anumol is also based on it